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Мнения о разных аппаратах

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    Мнения о разных аппаратах

    Please post all hardware threads (regarding machines) in this section.


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      what to buy? today is PPC

      better to buy pocket pc that can run Skype as well. you will not regret.
      to run Skype it is better to have >=400Mhz, then it will support Skype audio. if less than 400 it can work but without audio

      no need to buy speedy&pricy devices with 600-800Mhz.There's no big difference in performance.

      if a pocket PC can work with Skype it will pick up also all med soft i met.

      Cameras on PPCs are factory jokes.


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        Ya teper sklonilsya k iPhone 1 generation. Vsem rekomenduyu. T-mobile EDGE hot i ne 3G no dostatochno bystr i ekonomichen (35$)


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          А вот отсюда поподробнее:
          почему именно 1ый дженерейшн??
          а есть ли уже таблетки для скайскейповского софта под иФон?


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            таблеток нет. Пока.
            Первый потому что стоил 250$ на ATT БЕЗ КОНТРАКТА(!). Потому что разлачивается легко. Потому что ЖПРС на удовлетворительной скорости на Т мобле стоит 5 долларов (!). Функциональность та же что и 2 поколение минус GPS который мне НЕ ОЧЕНЬ нужен. Я пользуюсь HTML книгами на ифоне. Ре-ассемблю их из CHM формата который везде в осле. Ифон действительно полезное и эстетически радующее изобретение.


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              Axim X51 Thanksgiving Deal

              Dlia teh komu interesno i komu nugen PDA:

              Geeks has the Refurbished Dell Axim X51 PDA for a low $99.95 after $20 off Coupon Code: X51DEAL (Exp 11/30). $8.00 Shipping. Tax in CA.

              The Axim X51 features a 3.5" touchscreen display, Intel XScale PXA270 416MHz processor, Windows Mobile 5 OS, bluetooth, WiFi and both CompactFlash and SD card expansion.


              Bottom line: will be just fine for everybody who needs PDA for medsoft ,e.g skyscape.
              Good luck!


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                Any ideas about new smartphones? I am looking at replacement with Win Mobile 6.1, may be HTC or Samsung. I am not a fun of other unproven OS's.
                "From error to error one discovers the entire truth."
                Sigmund Freud


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                  There are several acceptable deals going on now with HTC:
                  1.HTC diamond for 149$ AR if you switch to Sprint/locked
                  2.8" touchscreen display, 4GB flash-based storage, 3.2 megapixel camera, a stylish TouchFLO 3D GUI, 802.11b/g wifi connectivity

                  2.HTC S621 for fans of full hard keyboard for 199$ unlocked
                  The HTC S621 features a 2.4" color display (small), QWERTY keyboard, 128MB internal memory w/ MicroSD expansion, 1.3 megapixel camera, 802.11b/g wifi + bluetooth, and Windows Mobile OS.


                  Unfortunately at this time Samsung pushes more unproven OSes than Wins. No current good deals.


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                    Donno about deals, but if one want to drool a bit, look at this:
                    HTC Touch pro 2
                    Using HTC touch pro now - great toy!
                    No limits for customization (only time, I guess ;)).

                    There is plenty of deals for touch pro (previous model) nowdays, just google HTC Fuze...-50$-100$ with 2 year contract.
                    Dont go for Sprint/Verizon - they are CDMA carriers: it means that you will have more difficult time to find custom ROM's, unlocking soft, tweaks, and so on...GSM development much more agile on the NET.


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                      This is a nice one.
                      But, still there is no one that would be as nice as iphone for a calling purposes, so hacked for med soft as Win5 based Pockets (eg Axim x51v), and as hard to kill as a brick
                      So I use all of them for specific purposes.


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                        it may be painful to carry around an iphone, PDA and beeper.
                        I like my HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt) - real keyboard, brick-hard, win mobile 6 with all software, internet, customization to your taste. Almost bulletproof

                        Secret dream - Android-based phone. Maybe G2 when it is out.

                        I respect HTC phones in general. New Pro, Magic, Fuze are really good.

                        iPhone - great gadget. But I do not like Apple's proprietary approach to business - do not touch that, customize this etc. Plus I don't like overpaying for a brand name But hands downs - in terms of pleasure of use and overall experience - Iphone is superb.


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                          having iphone and axim is not as convenient as just 1 gadget for all purposes. But like I said there is no such a gadget exist (or available) yet.

                          Khamid, I wouldn't agree with comment on iphone It is possibly one the most hacked piece of hardware I have ever seen. LOL!
                          Once you got started, unlocked it, jailbroke and installed cydia (done with just 1 soft unlocker program, takes 5 minutes) - you have much more access to FREE software than on any other device (even Win5 based) and can CUSTUMIZE everything! My iphone now looks like vista with sidebar

                          Saguara, iphone 1 gen is available new/refurb for 300$ now (unlocked/original/no contract) on ebay. I bought mine refurb for 250$. Just look for a better bargain. Arguably it is pricey, but almost any good gadget cost 200-300$ now (w/o contract).

                          And then ATT wants 70$/month for data +calls. Don't take it. Instead go to T-moble. There for 29.99 (300 min) + 5.99 (generic data plan) = 36$ you will have a good deal. Inet will be edge based, but cheap and available everywhere you go. ypu will need just a small hack available in Cydia.

                          AND: NEW IPHONE IS COMING OUT THIS SUMMER.


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                            valdisus, how do you get win mobile apps on iPhone?


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                              Unfortunately there is no currently effective way available. There was an emulator of win 5 for os x/iphone, but it was really slow and was d/c.

                              Fortunately a lot of win apps analogues (and even better variety) available for iphone thru Cydia. You can also search for it the single most developed index.

                              As to medical apps there are a lot of paid apps from Skyscape and Epocrates available. Epocrates pro may be even free for you, say if you are member of ASCO (Epocrates pro oncology). Sadly but Skyscape is slower b/c it is partly web-based, so no ways to hack it (yet LOL!).


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                                well "modified" skyscape is available for win mobile. This is what keeping off iPhone solidly. Plus keyboard