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experience with new 2013 CPT codes in psychiatry?

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  • experience with new 2013 CPT codes in psychiatry?

    I am not in private practice, but our billing sheets now carry new CPT codes.
    I was wondering if someone is in psychiatric private practice, what kind of reimbursement you can now get?
    For example:
    - 90792 (any inside on Medicare reimbursement and private insurances)?
    - 99215

    Thank you!

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    I'm still in residency but they gave us numbers at career development class. I'm pretty much sure it's State specific and depends on how you negotiate with insurance company.

    Some numbers:

    90792: Medicaid 116.44, Medicare 120.35, Average Blue Cross/Aetna 171.51

    99215: Medicaid 127.28, Medicare 132.08, Private 169.47


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      Oh, so level 5 follow up pays the same as new eval :(

      I wonder how many psychiatrists are in network and do you even get paid all of this money.
      I guess, if you are out of network, then you can charge more, but will have less patients (because they also have higher deductable)