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    I am a Russian speaking family doctor in North Jersey but in a non Russian-speaking community. I would like to expand my coverage and provide care to russian communities since I know I can work well with them.
    I am a graduate of Vinnitsa Medical Univ. in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
    I am currently doing family practice (medicine and pediatrics), Internal med (covering two hospitals) and some nursing homes as well.

    Please let me know if someone is interested in doing something.

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    You can still advertise in Russian newspapers. People will come, although Russian population is hard to work with, especially with older people. They are a special breed.

    Tiptoeing through the minefield without a minesweeper...


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      Ad in Russian newspapers is a good idea. You also can try a local Russian community website if you find one. "Word of mouth" is other way to bring new Russian patients to your practice and vice versa. (I have an American patient who was referred to me by his Russian wife). Old people are very appreciative of having a provider who speaks their language. Yes, they are not the easiest patients in the world but we know that some people, doesn't matter what language they speak, can give you a very hard time.
      I have a very few Russian patients but I have never tried to advertise myself in Russian community. It seems that you are building a busy practice with office, hospital and nursing home coverage. Are you a solo practitioner?