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Какой опыт работы в US будет полезнее всего для будущего match?

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    Originally posted by Olga Osipoff View Post
    Hi Everyone, I am not sure if you saw my posts earlier.
    I think the info below is quite relevant to what you are discussing here.

    In addition to RAMA, I work with #Residents Medical now and would like to share research opportunities available through them at the leading US universities/clinics, including:
    U of Nevada, Keck USC, Bronx VA, SLU, Mt. Sinai/Icahn
    Nassau SUNY, Mt. Sinai Chicago, U of Hawaii, Georgetown, San Joaquin General, Brooklyn, Providence. Specialties include #Internal Medicine, Family#Medicine, #Pathology, #OB/GYN, General #Surgery,#Anesthesiology, #ENT, pediatrics and many more. Please let me know if#research is on your radar!
    Need more information?
    Call me at (310) 444-9700 x 105
    Sincerely, Olga
    USC is were I live. So what kind of research is it? Clinical? What range of things are allowed to do in that research for us IMGs?


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      Не сочтите за рекламу. Тут в спаме обнаружил объявление. На мой взгляд, очень интересная возможность для новоприбывших. Оптимальное сочетание знакомства с местной медициной, заработок и, может быть и LOR. Выглядит как обзерворшип, за который тебе платят! Это объявление качается Оклахомы, но наверняка есть что-то подобное в других штатах. Единственное что настораживает, что они, вроде как просят деньги за образование. и не известно насколько гарантируют работу. Но, для нашего брата отдельный курс по медицинской терминологии и вообще письменному английскому никогда не помешает.

      Всем успехов!!!
      Our company ScribeAmerica hires and
      trains anyone interested in a career in
      medicine. We provide paid classroom
      and clinical training in various medical
      departments to prepare applicants to
      be medical Scribes.
      The role of an Scribe offers exciting
      first-hand experience in the medical
      environment and full one-on-one shifts
      working with board certified
      physicians. The job is second-to-none
      for exposure to medicine, disease
      processes, medical decision-making
      and procedures performed in the department.
      We are looking for motivated, loyal applicants who have a passion
      for learning about the medical field to join our team- if you are
      looking to be a part of a professional medical scribe team please
      apply directly at www.scribeamerica today!