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  • Interested in hearing research?

    Hi guys, my name is Artur, I am a postdoc in a lab that conducts variety of different projects in hearing. I would say they span from the basic research questions in hearing to all the way to the work, aiming for hearing restoration in deaf mouse models using gene therapy and viral vectors. I mainly do electrophysiology and am also pretty good with high resolution microscopy techniques, as well as fast imaging methods. I wanted to see if there is anyone interested in research in this area? Of course, publication list, expertise in the hearing field and/or electrophysiology, as well as PhD are all a big plus.
    Please feel free to email me if you're interested or if you have any questions
    you can find my email address on our lab's website:
    To be honest, I am not sure what all this is about at this moment, but I feel like I could teach someone what I know, maybe to take over my spot in the lab before I move on to set up my own lab (of course, if I eventually get lucky to find a position). Or it may be just a visit to a Harvard lab for someone who works in a similar area in a lab elsewhere, to see how the research looks from inside in the US.
    Anyway, this is not a job posting and it is not like we are looking for people to hire, but if there is someone that fits the description, we will always be able to find funds to hire one.
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