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RAMA Research Collaboration Project

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  • RAMA Research Collaboration Project

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Russian American Medical Association (RAMA) welcomes you to the webpage of the

    RAMA Research Collaboration Project

    The major goal of the project is to facilitate scientific collaboration between Russian-speaking scientists involved in biomedical research in North America and all over the world. We believe that with your help, we can create a platform to promote research, to exchange ideas and experiences among Russian-speaking scientific community. The relationships we are trying to build can potentially lead to development of research projects based on collaboratively secured funding.

    A scientist is welcome to build his/her scientific profile and describe the direction of research collaboration he or she is interested in pursuing. Additionally, you are welcome to post your publications, presentations, and video with your lectures or links to them. The materials that have not been peer-reviewed will be initially assessed by the Editorial Board of the RAMA Journal prior to be posted on the web. In order to join the project, you need to complete a registration form and send it to You will be provided with a password to access and modify your personal research profile.

    Besides, the participation in the project allows you to be involved in a number of science-related activities of RAMA:

    The Scholarship Program is aimed to support scientists in the former Soviet Union. This program will be implemented in the form of a scientific competition among young Russian scientists and physician-scientists. Winners will have an opportunity for observership in laboratories headed by Russian-speaking scientists in North America. Participants of the RAMA Research Collaboration project can be potentially involved in the process of reviewing submitted abstracts. You are also welcome to submit your original manuscripts to the RAMA Journal. Please contact Nikolay Vasilyev, the Chairman of the RAMA Grants and Awards Committee and RAMA Journal Editor-in-Chief for more information.
    We invite you to the RAMA Forum where we can discuss scientific issues, organizational items, your suggestions and ideas.

    There are a number of perspective ideas for the future programs, and your ideas are warmly welcome. We appreciate your suggestions for this new RAMA initiative. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, Igor Yakushev, or any of the members of the initiative group of the project as below.


    The RAMA Research Collaboration Initiative Group:

    Igor Yakushev, MD, Project Coordinator
    Nataliya Kozlova, MS, Web Developer
    Janna Servetnyk, MD
    Alexander V. Smolensky, MD
    Lyuba Varticovski, MD
    Nikolay V. Vasilyev, MD

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    Dear friends and colleagues, please submit your applications :!:
    Please, let us know what you think about the project. We'd be grateful for your rational suggestions, critique, and help :D
    If you feel, you could contribute to the project, either conceptually or practically (there is much to do), please let us know.


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      Please, include dentists. Notify all RAMA partners. This information can be posted on, and other places.

      Tiptoeing through the minefield without a minesweeper...