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  • Admission orders as checklist

    Hey guys. I need some help from RAMA residents or attendings, if they still hang around here. I think i have adjusted to intern life already and want to start senior resident responsibilities. As my experience shows, doing it is the best way of learning. So I need a book .... or no, a guide, a quick bullet lists of admission orders that I can use as a checklist when putting in orders after admitting a patient. When you have one of those rough calls with 7 admission in 3 hours, its easy to lose your track of thought and checking list is a good idea to prevent forgetting things. I dont want a full source that is 2000 pages and you spend 10 minutes to get what you need. Something quick that give you the essentials.

    So please let me know of a source like that. Electronic versions are preferred but a good paper guide will do too. I have seen people using "Medicine - Paul Chan". I cant find 2017 version anywhere. Let me know if you can help me out. Thank you